Play room

Own play area

The hotel has a play corner for the children in the fireplace lounge and the family room. Here there are also seats for the adults. In addition, hotel guests have access to Lekeland Hafjell for a few hours after the venue has closed for the day. Contact reception for more information. Feel free to bring your child to Lekeland Hafjell as it is not staffed after normal opening hours.

Free visit to Indoor Playland
Hafjell Hotell is the closest neighbor to Lekeland Hafjell. Children accompanied by adults have free entry to Lekeland Hafjell (7pm - 9pm) if there are no birthday parties there. (times may vary, so contact reception for updated information).

Lekeland Hafjell is an indoor playland of approx. 800 m2 for families with children, school classes, kindergartens, leisure clubs, sports teams, institutions and others with responsibility for children aged 1 to approx. 12 years. With us, the children have great fun, while at the same time they get to be active in a safe environment. The children get to strengthen their motor skills and test their skills! There are separate departments adapted to children aged 0-3 years and 2-4 years. All the play facilities are secured and approved in accordance with Norwegian laws and regulations.