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About Lekeland Hafjell  Lekeland Hafjell is a large indoor playground north of Lillehammer, suited for children from 1 to aproximately 12 years old. The size of the playground is about 900 square meters.  We are located in the sentrum of Oyer, next to Lilleputthammer Family Park and Hafjell Hotell. Lekeland Hafjell is perfect for physical activities. In lekeland the children can climb, slide, balance and explore, and hopefully experience a sense of achievement. But most important; Lekeland is FUN!  Lekeland HafjellOpening hours  Lekeland Hafjell is kept closed due to the risk of infection for covid-19. Summer season open all days (18th of June - 16th of August) The opening hours may differ during other holidays.  Hafjell Hotell is the closest neighbor to Lekeland Hafjell. Children staying at hotel accompanied by adults have free admission to Lekeland Hafjell (7 pm to 9 pm) if there are no birthday parties there. (times may vary so please contact reception for updated information)

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At the Hafjell Alpine Centre in Lillehammer region, skiers on holiday can have a blast skiing down more than 44 kilometers of ski slopes at varying levels of difficulty. There are a total of 32 different slopes in Hafjell ranging from green slopes (beginner), nine blue slopes (easy) and seven red slopes (intermediate) to four black slopes (advanced). The overall drop on the mountain is 857 meter. So whether you are a beginner or an expert, a great skiing experience awaits you here in Hafjell. The Hafjell Alpine Centre was built for the Olympic Winter Games in Lillehammer, and there are slopes suitable for professional skiers, as well as families with children and pensioners. Hafjell have 3 children areas, one in the valley (with family slopes close to Nordlia and Solsiden) and second on the top of the Gondola - Mosetertoppen. The third at Gaiastova. Hafjell is a large and modern ski resort with free Wi-Fi hotspots at restaurants and several popular places on the mountain. Hafjell offers the best ski experience for families. Experience our winter wonderland! Ski pass BUY OR REFILL YOUR LIFT PASS ONLINE FOR BEST PRICE ON LIFT PASS If you don't have an Axess Card already, you must collect your lift pass in one of our pick up boxes. You will recieve a QR-code on your e-mail, use this code to collect your lift pass. If you already have an Axess Card and refill it online, you can go directly to the lifts. All prices are listed in Norwegian kroners (NOK).

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Lilleputthammer familiepark toget

Lilleputthammer family Park

Lilleputthammer is an family park for young and old, but where most of the activities are designed for children 1-7/8 years. Here you find a miniature copy of the famous main street - Storgata - in Lillehammer as it was back in the year 1900, built to a scale of 1:4.  You can book tickets for Lillehammer here. In Lilleputthammer, the kids can ride on a train, drive electric cars, take the train, the rollercoaster, climb in the specially made climbing slope and much more! The miniature houses make the kids feel like giants. Inside the houses they can discover fun activities. For adults, Lilleputthammer offers a look back into history – the 1930s to be precise. Both the buildings, the content and the colours have been copied as authentic as possible from that period. In Lilleputthammer there are 44 shops, 2 hotels, 3 cafes, 2 bakeries, a police station and a cinema. Here you will find everything from J. Bøhmers Isenkramforretning (ice cream) and Th. Julins Broderiforretning (embroidery) to Pølsemaker Johansen (sausage factory). Children’s Book City: Here you will find the right book or magazine for you among a large selection of children’s literature organised either by content or author.   Olas superticket Hafjell Hotell collaborates with Lilleputthammer so that you can get a good deal on accomodation and tickets for the entire stay to Lilleputthammer. These are perfect when you want to have super flexibility when you want to visit the park. In addition, Hafjell Hotell is the closest hotel to Lilleputthammer - only 50 meters from the family park. So you can easily walk to and from their room, should there be a need for a rest during the day.   See more and book your Olas superdeal   CLIMBING PARK FOR CHILDREN The children climbing park has been named Olas climbing park and is 135 meters long and consists of 13 climbing elements and a zip line with two climbing elements. All children who want to climb the Olas climbing park will go through an exercise course where they will receive training. We use a system of continuous fuse - the children are connected to a fuse line (from the selenium) with a "speed runner" from start to finish. Olas climbing park provides a nice introduction to climbing and is designed so that the children will have fun and know that they manage the obstacles. All children also get climbing gear and helmet. Remember to wear good shoes and clothes after weather conditions. The climbing park is built in such a way that it does not destroy the trees in the woods. The climbing park is designed so that the trees can grow without limitation. Here you will also find benches and tables where you can have a snack or break from the climbing. If you are lucky, a squirrel will be visiting you. The climbing park is suitable for children between 5 - 10 to 12 years old. It is not the height of the children, but the length of the tight arm is essential. If the height is over 130/135 cm with a tight arm, they will be able to complete the course and experience coping. Right at Olas climbing park, we have a small practice course for the very youngest children. This part of the climbing park is designed for children under 4 years to also get unfolded. Here you do not need fuse. Guardians must be around to take care of. Olas climbing park   

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Maihaugen museum

Maihaugen is the ideal day out for both young and old. Maihaugen is one of the largest open air museums in Norway with 200 buildings from the 1200s and up to today. Living Maihaugen In the summer season the museum offers activities, recreation and adventures for the whole family. Join us on a nostalgic journey back to the 20th century. Revisit your childhood memories and share them with your family! Do you remember the 80s? Relax, enjoy the surroundings and let yourself be transported a hundred years back in time. Dress up, help with the work and join in the fun. Skilled craftsmen offer advice on maintenance and restoration. Proficient guides are available and happy to share their knowledge. Several times a day during summer-season you can experience wandering theatre. That is an exciting and instructive way to convey past history, and contributes to making the past exiting and alive.   Exciting exhibitions All year you can enjoy several excellent exhibitions, like the indoor exhibition “We won the land” where you walk through tableaus from Norwegian history from the ice age till today. In the main building you also find a nice museum shop and café.

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Hunderfossen family park

Hunderfossen Family Park is located 13 km north of Lillehammer and offers 50 activities for the whole family. Norwegian traditions and folk tales provide the framework for all of Norway's Adventure Park. One of the most famous attractions is the troll from Hunderfossen. It is 70 tons heavy, with its 14 meters high and can be seen from Hafjell. In the fairy tale castle from 1999 with its seven towers and 30 meters high, you can experience a world full of adventure. Hunderfossen Family Park is Norway’s very own world of adventures, and last summer its 30th anniversary celebrated the opening of park-Norway’s top new sensation;Il Tempo Extra Gigante! The ride takes you hiiiigh over the treetops, with steep climbs, drops and exhilarating turns along the way. With over 50 attractions and activities, the park has something to offer every age group. Experience enchanting attractions such as the Fairytale Castle, the Troll Drop, The Little Prince in 4D, fairytale theatre, the enchanted stone and Ivo Caprino’s Fairytale Grotto featuring all the familiar characters. Enjoy your dinner among the trolls in Trollsalen Restaurant, board the Fairytale Ship and travel high up in the air and explore the enormous Hunderfossen Troll guarding the park. Try family rafting down our fun rapids, or visit our spectacular outdoor swimming pools. Wonderful play area for the very young with numerous activities, Tractor Ride where the children can drive and the adults are passengers, 9 popular racing tracks, exciting Energy Centre and lots, lots more. Should it rain, it is reassuring to know that we have Norway’s widest range of activities indoors! NEW! Indoor playhouse with 14 unique and vivant attractions – for the youngest children.

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Hafjell Bike Park

Hafjell Bike Park

Hafjell Bike Park is known for it’s nice atmosphere and the variety of amazing trails suiting every kind of rider. Regardless if you are a freerider, racehead, weekend warrior or a curios beginner you will find what your biking heart desire here. Hafjell offers 14 trails, covering 25 km in total, with a level of difficulty ranging from green to black spread over an elevation of 790 meters. It is one of the most progressive bike parks in Europe and keeps expanding at a high pace to keep the position as an ultimate mountain bike playground. Common for the trails in Hafjell Bike Park is that they never fail to deliver some massive grins. Some Hafjell facts • 14 DH Trails, easy to expert • Gondola and Chairlift • 25 km of downhill adrenaline • 120 Downhill rental bikes • 20 XC rental bikes • Endless Singletrack and XC trails • Workshop servicing all major brands • Host for the 2010 European Championship • Home of “Anti Days Of Thunder” • Host of the 2012 UCI MTB DH World Cup Finals • Host of the 2013 UCI MTB World Cup #5, September 12 – 15th • Host of the 2014 UCI MTB World Championship The completion of the massive Rollercoaster trail, building it all the way up to the top of the chairlift, giving it a total of 50 jumps

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Tursti gaiastova

Mini golf in Hafjell

The putting course at Nermo Hotell is the only one in Scandinavia with real turf grass. This is a golf course in miniature with bunkers and a lot of water hazard. The length of the holes varies from 15 – 54 meters. All you need is a putter and a golf ball that you can hire at the hotel. The putting course suites everyone regards age en skills. Putting course on Nermo consists of 18 individual holes with lengths from 13 to 54 meters, 549 meters total. The holes are designed in the same way as a regular golf course, multiple bunkers and water hazards. It is open for everyone, golfer or not, this will be fun! One needs no golf skills or played golf before. Bring your family and friends to find out who is the best putter! Welcome to Nermo Putting course.

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Jorekstad water park

Jorekstad Water park featuring indoor and outdoor pools. Steam bath and sauna. Swimming lessons for children and baby swimming courses. When you get hungry, you can have bite to eat in the cafe. Here you can jump, splash, trim, dive, swim, take a sauna or simply relax while the kids frolic in the play pool and water slide. Lillehammer - Hafjell area's largest water park This is the perfect place to jump, splash, trim, dive, train, have a sauna or simply relax while your children swim and enjoy the water slide both indoors and outdoors. Jorekstad Fritidsbad is located about 8 km south of Hafjell Hotell next to Jørstadmoen military camp. In addition to the water park you will find sports that you can rent for: * Basket * Tennis * Badminton * Volleyball * Gymnastics The biggest water park of the region with indoor and outdoor pools. A large outdoor area for sunbathing, a diving tower with 1, 3 and 5 meters’ jumps, three water slides, water cannons, climbing wall and four pools. Separate playing pool for small children both outside and inside.

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