Charging station

Charging station for electric cars

Hafjell Hotell has a charging station for electric cars and hybrid cars located at the car park facing E 6. With a Type 2 charging outlet, this charging station is universal and independent of car model. All cars can charge provided they have brought a Mode-3 charging cable that fits their car type. In addition, Hafjell Hotell has installed new charging points in the summer of 2021 that can be used by the hotel's guests. Chips for charging can be picked up at the reception at the hotel. Note that charging space is not guaranteed due to capacity. There is a charge for charging the electric car.

Contact the reception at Hafjell Hotell on arrival for more information about the charging station for electric cars and hybrid cars.

Charging station for Tesla

Just before Christmas 2018, the new charging station for Tesla was opened at Circle K in Øyer. There are outlets for 20 cars, where four stations are arranged for cars with trailers. In summer 2020, Ionity Nordic has opened 4 units. long-awaited 350 kW lightning chargers on Circle K Øyer, so now the E6 between Oslo and Trondheim is complete.

Charging an electric car at Hafjell

Hafjell Alpinsenter: Here are eight Shuko chargers.