The 200 m2 Olympic hall is our largest conference hall, and can be divided into three smaller halls. The Olympic hall with adjoining group rooms and break areas forms a pleasant setting for events of up to 200 people. The halls are decorated with effects from the 1994 Olympic Winter Games in the Lillehammer region. So here you can stroll around and reminisce about the cold winter days, which really put Norway on the map.

Outside the premises, there is a pleasant corridor where we serve refreshments as desired. Toilets and a relaxation area are also connected to the halls.

In the Olympic hall, there are ceiling-mounted projectors against a central screen. In addition, a ceiling-mounted projector in the middle of the hall as an auxiliary projector with a front projector. There are ceiling-mounted PA speakers for speech and music. Mixing table for sound. 1 piece. fixed wireless handheld mic, 2 pcs fixed mosquito with headset, x number of fixed handheld mics.

Our events manager at the hotel will be happy to help you with the practicalities. It is important to obtain information about the participants with a view to special needs linked to, for example, different forms of allergies or disabilities. Contact us for more information and possibly a price offer for courses and conferences.

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