Hund på hotell

Pet friendly

Pet friendly hotel

Hafjell Hotell has reserved two double rooms for guests who bring their dogs or cats. An additional price of NOK 350 for the stay goes towards extra cleaning of the room. There are many people who want to bring their pet with them and these rooms are fully booked for large parts of the year. We recommend that you contact the hotel directly to clarify whether there is any available capacity before you book a room.

Pet-friendly cabins, apartments and chalets in Hafjell 

Bergstad 16
Bergstad 17
Nordlia No. 11
Nordlia No. 12
JaerTunet apartments (some units)
Alpin Apartments Solsiden (some units are reserved for families with pets)
Alpin Apartments Sørlia  (some units are reserved for families with pets)
Hafjelltoppen Apartments (Only 11 beds units)
Låven chalet

All these cabins and chalets are located so that it is possible to go hiking with our dog along roads or footpaths. An additional charge of NOK 500.- for the stay goes for extra cleaning of the room / unit.