Our coking is simple and we want to make as honest food as possible. Perhaps with some creativity and excitement. It should always be good, really good! We only use the best commodities of the season and from our local producers is a matter of course. Because it actually gets better when we know who has taken care of the animals, grown our vegetables and fished the fish sustainable. Welcome to our kitchen with roots in Scandinavian cooking, and inspiration from around the world 
Roger H Head chef 
We will also make vegetarian and vegan alternative and take into account if there are any allergies.  Don’t hesitated to contact us if you have any questions.  

Chef's Tapas 475, - pp (min. 10 persons)  

Hot:  Albondigas with Mojo rojo (3 pp)  Baked small potatoes with Aioli (5 pp)  Chorizo semicurado (50g pp)  Scampi Diablo (3 pp)  Tiger wings (3p)  Salt-roasted Padrones (3 pp)   
Cold:  Potato Tortilla (50g pp)  Manchego (30g pp)  Serrano (30g pp)  Tomato and Watermelon Salad  Olive  Tapenade  Hummus  Libabread Focaccia 

Order a chef to your home or cabin! Why not have a professional chef in your kitchen and a waiter to serve your food while you relax and enjoy the company of your guest? Price for chef:  NOK 500, - each hour. Price for waiter:  NOK 500, - each hour.  We only have personal to hire if you order catering from us.  

Generally, Prices:

All prices are quoted per person and included MVA. We reserve the right to change prices for special orders and price increases with our suppliers. The agreed price is the prices described in the order confirmation. In addition, transport is NOK  600, - per exit!  Payment: Company costumer: 10 days from the order or after agreement.  Privat costumer: Payment with credit card/Visa with deliverers. We have bank terminal with us.

 Equipment: all the food is delivered in trays and thermos boxes, this has to be delivered back to Hafjell Hotel AS, the day after deliverance.  The Buyer is responsible for reimbursing the Seller the replacement cost of equipment that has not been returned within 3 days of delivery or that has been damaged upon return. If equipment is no returned the price is NOK 200, - per thermos box.  It is possible to rent service, glass, cutlery and other equipment, please contact us for prices.