Hafjell Hotell's restaurant has been transformed into practical and pleasant living rooms with a new buffet area. In our living rooms or in the restaurant, the company / group can eat undisturbed. Our kitchen offers great tasting experiences in a relaxed atmosphere and gives you the opportunity to try new as well as traditional dishes. This combined with cozy ornate banqueting rooms gives you an inspiring and stylish frame for any event.

Hafjell Hotel

In our cozy fireplace living room at Hafjell Hotel you can relax in quiet and peaceful surroundings in front of the crackling fireplace heating. This is the gathering place after a long day in a hotel meeting or a hectic day in the ski slopes of Hafjell Alpine center. In the evening, our guests often gather in the fireplace room to sum up the day and to plan the next day's activities.

Hafjell Hotell has a cozy living room called the library. Here our guests can relax after a long conference. The library is located between the fireplace room and the Øyersalen conference room.