Christmas catering menu

Hafjell hotel offers our guests homemade and tastefull meals - made with love and care. The food is made from scratch with local ingredients. In addition to the taste of delicious ingredients and perfect combinations, it is also about something that brings people together - that creates joy!Our menus are based on ingredients from Øyerfjellet and the district around Øyer. We facilitate for allergy sufferers, vegetarians and those who have special needs or desires.

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Christmas food

Cold food
Smoked salmon (30 gr) with scrambled eggs
The kitchen’s aquavit-cured salmon (30g) with mustard sauce
Sylte (30g) with coarse mustard
Rakfisk (50g) with sour cream, red onion and leek
The guesthouse’s roast beef (50g) with homemade potato salad
Lefse, bread, flatbread and butter
Contains: Fish, mustard, eggs, milk and gluten

Hot food
Ribs (3 pieces per person)
Medister cakes (2 pcs per person)
Christmas sausage (1 bit per person)
Sauerkraut, red cabbage, cranberries, almond potatoes and rib fat
Contains: Eggs and milk

Riskrem med rød saus
Multekrem med krumkake
Inneholder: melk, gluten

595,- NOK per person

Pinnekjøtt (250g per person) with traditional accessories
Contains: Milk



Appetizer :
Rakfisk served with lefse, red onion, sour cream and almond potato
Contains: fish gluten and milk

Main course:
Ribs, medister cake, Christmas sausage, sauce, potatoes and red cabbage / sauerkraut
Contains: eggs and milk

Cheesecake or rice cream
425,- NOK per person


Appetizer :
Rakfisk served with lefse, red onion, sour cream and almond potato
Contains: fish, glute and milk

Main course:
Pinnekjøtt, sausage from Voss, potato and roast
Contains: Milk

Cheesecake or rice cream
Contains: Eggs, gluten and milk

475,- NOK per person


All prices are stated per person and incl. VAT. We reserve the right to make changes in prices for special orders and price increases with our suppliers. The agreed price is the prices described in the order confirmation. In addition, there is transport of 1000, - per trip.

Corporate customers: 10 days from completed catering or by appointment. Private customers: Pay with bank card / visa upon delivery. We have a bank terminal with us.

All food is delivered in trays and thermo boxes. These must be returned to Hafjell hotel the day after catering. Buyer is responsible for replacing seller for equipment that is not returned within 3 days of delivery, or that is damaged upon return. Price for non- delivered equipment is 200, - per thermo box.