Christmas buffet

Christmas Eve at Hafjell Hotel

The menu on Christmas Eve is traditional Norwegian Christmas food with a large Christmas buffet for hotel guests and everyone else who wants to experience Christmas Eve at Hafjell Hotell. On Christmas Eve, guests at the hotel will enjoy the Christmas table. Many of the guests are also from other accommodation establishments and cabins in Hafjell. This year, the number of places is limited due to infection control for Covid-19.

Infection control covid-19 Christmas Eve

Below we have set up some important points to keep in mind:
Keep a distance of 1 meter for your and others' safety at all times.
• We encourage all our guests to stay at their assigned table and with their group.
• Each table layout is optimized according to information from the organizer to ensure infection control in the best possible way.
• You should not have more guests at the table than what is covered.
• Your guests can have their own meter, and all drinks are served at the tables, so no one mingles at the bar.
• We disinfect all premises continuously and of course have an extreme focus on hygiene in all departments.
• Antibac is available in all premises and we do not allow more into our premises than is justifiable.

Christmas buffet

Our large Christmas buffet is arranged this year is a little different than usual, but the food is at least as good:
Appetizer - served at the table on the plate
• Main course / hot food - served from a buffet in the food market, with the assistance of our chefs, and we encourage you to keep your distance and use antibac on the way in and out.
Dessert - served from the buffet in the food square in the same way as the main course and the same rules of thumb are used there.

Price: NOK 565.- for adults
Price: NOK 270.- for children from 7 - 12 years
Free for children under 0 - 6 years

Christmas Eve program

15.00 Coffee, hot juice and cakes in the Fireplace Room.
15.30 Christmas Eve service in Øyer church
16.00 Deadline for delivery of Christmas packages at the reception for later delivery of Santa Claus. Up to 2 packages per guest, which is very well marked with name and room number
17.00 Traditional Christmas buffet is served.
18.00 Children's TV / children's films are shown in the play corner. Santa is coming to the hotel. Coffee, hot juice and cakes in the Fireplace Room
19.00-21.00 Playland open for children - unmanned, adults must be present.

Welcome to Hafjell Hotell on Christmas Eve!

Christmas buffet on Christmas Eve is included in the price if you order our pension offer over Christmas.